How to convince a friend to ride a rollercoaster

Posted: 11th March 2016 by Simon Longchamps in Non classé

My best friend is going to Canada’s wonderland with me and she has a fear of roller coasters. The one thing you can’t do is MAKE them go on the roller coaster. You just have to understand that not everyone loves the thrill aspect of a roller coaster.

On the brighter side, if you would like to share these little “tips” I found out about roller coasters with your friend, please do!

– Riding a roller coaster IS SAFER than crossing the street. I know, that’s a shocker! But it is true!

– If you are going upside down, and you look at the cushion of the seat, it feels like you are still going straight.

– Rewarding yourself with something after a roller coaster does get you on the roller coaster! (I.E. If I go on this roller coaster, I will get myself an ice cream cone! Once you get on, think about that ice cream cone the whole time!)

– Laughing does help! If you can find someone in the line who is really funny, you will be able to laugh off the fear!

– Finally (SAVE THIS FOR A LAST RESORT!!) roller coasters are short. If you go on, shut your eyes and just scream the whole time, it is over before you know it!

Alright, I hope these helped! Another thing, if your friend is feeling like they aren’t safe on the roller coaster, professionals check the roller coasters EVERY day before people get to the park so you are safe. And, as I brought up earlier, my friend who hates roller coasters will go on any roller coaster that has the seat belt that goes over your shoulder because she feels more safe. Try that one with your friend.

I really hope these helped and have fun at six flags!