Niagara/Toronto trip

If I had to say a few things I liked and  a few things I didn’t like, I would say I didn’t like how the teachers were always rushing us. We had to throw our food a lot of times because of that. We also didn’t have much time at the Eaton center to shop, plus the first hotel we went to looked more like a motel than anything else and the second one smelled like cigarette and was really cold. We also went to the Hockey hall of Fame. It wasn’t boring but then again it wasn’t that awesome, I only liked it because there was wifi.

Of all the things what I hated the most would have to be that they barely gave us time to visit or shop (free time).

I did like it when we went to the haunted house it was really scary and fun, the baseball game was also really cool. The skylon tower was fun too so was the CN tower the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that to go back downstairs we had to wait like 10 min in line which was really boring, and the crying babies did not help.

Overall, the trip was okay it could’ve of been better but yeah…

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  1. Beaumier ♥-Beaumier-♥ dit :

    It was the best trip of your life cause you were with me ;p <33

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