Toronto and Niagara Falls

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9 réponses à Toronto and Niagara Falls

  1. EagleRayane EagleRayane dit :

    Nice pictures,
    Toronto look very cool

  2. Rosalie Rosalie dit :

    Beautiful pictures !

  3. Jibril El Harchali Jibril El Harchali dit :

    wow !

  4. DADA :) DADA :) dit :

    wow I like it is good memory from Toronto and Niagara Falls

  5. Beaumier Beaumier dit :

    It was the best trip ever! xD

  6. Emilie Chasse Emilie Chasse dit :

    Wow it’s good memory!!! I like this picture,. really nice. 🙂

  7. Aleeya Gallagher Aleeya Gallagher dit :

    Very nice pictures!;)

  8. Lydia Morel Lydia Morel dit :

    beautiful trip! jade and lydiaa

  9. sasouswag sasouswag dit :

    It was an amazing trip!!!
    I loved it!<3

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