Toronto/Niagara Falls

What  I liked: I really liked when we went to the falls in Niagara. It was very beautiful. The falls at night were fantastic! In Niagara Falls again, I liked to walk in the streets. The buildings were funny and original. The Skylon Tower was also fun.  The baseball game was good but I didn’t understand at all. The CN tower was impressive. I really liked the glass floor. We had the impression to walk in the air! I liked that. I liked when we went shopping. I really liked when we visited Toronto. The buildings were big and impressive.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like the Hockey Hall Of Fame because I hate hockey, but there was Wifi, so I played on my iPod (lol). I didn’t like the hotels, because the first one was like a motel and the second one was scary! But it was funny. I didn’t like the time we had when we went to a place. We didn’t have enough time. I didn’t like the haunted house (Nightmare Fears Factory) because we had to wait 1 hour 45 minutes outside because we didn’t want to go in!

But I liked the trip in general! 😀        ◊Coralie Beaumier◊


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