Toronto/Niagara Falls

In this trip, I really liked the Niagara Falls because it was beautiful and I enjoyed taking pictures of the falls. I really liked the Skylon tower and the CN tour because the experience were amazing. I liked the baseball game but I would’ve like a basketball game because I think it’s more interesting and everybody can understand the game. I think we didn’t have a lot of time at the Eaton Center. I didn’t like the hotels because they really looked like motels and our room smelled cigarette and their were no lights. I didn’t like to walk in Downtown Toronto because it’s was really long and we did all this walk just to eat for a few hours. I didn’t like the car drive because it was noisy and our seat were moving so we could’nt sleep. I didn’t like the Hockey hall of Fame because it was long and we could take this time for eating and shopping at least there were Wi-Fi. I didn’t like the Nightmare haunted house because we stayed outside for about one hour because we didn’t want to do it. I didn’t like our guide because he wasn’t talking in english so I learned nothing and he wasn’t giving essential informations and he kept mixing us.


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