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'Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life.'

Toronto/Niagara Falls

In this trip, I really liked the Niagara Falls because it was beautiful and I enjoyed taking pictures of the falls. I really liked the Skylon tower and the CN tour because the experience were amazing. I liked the baseball … Continuer la lecture

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Coulrophobias In this project, we wrote facts about coulrophobia. We put solutions to treat this phobia and those informations are real because we looked on many websites. We wrote what the symptoms and the signs were. So, I hope you … Continuer la lecture

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Teenage Years

Being a teenager is a chance to show the world that they can trust us because, we are the new generation. I think some parents are too overprotective. I think that, they have to let us go, but not too … Continuer la lecture

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