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Toronto/Niagara Falls

What  I liked: I really liked when we went to the falls in Niagara. It was very beautiful. The falls at night were fantastic! In Niagara Falls again, I liked to walk in the streets. The buildings were funny and … Continuer la lecture

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Nyctohylophobia… What is  »Nyctohylophobia »? It is a phobia about being in the forest at  night, and darkness. In the glogster, we show the psychological and physical symptoms, the treatments and more. Maybe you have Nyctohylophobia… We never know 😉   … Continuer la lecture

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Teenage Years

I think the Teenage years is a good idea because we can’t be a child, and be an adult the next day.  At 13, we want to go out with friends, to make pyjamas party, to go to the mall, … Continuer la lecture

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