Women of Iran

Mahsa Amini was an astonishing 22-year-old. She inspired millions of women; mothers and daughters alike, to protest for their own rights, voice and choice. She started by making a powerful yet bold statement and removing her hijab. Iran’s morality police, officials who maintain and comply with the proper attire of hijab laws, detained Amini at a metro station in Tehran, Iran. Amini passed away while in their custody on September 16th, 2022.

Following the events, some female demonstrators removed their hijab or publicly cut their hair as acts of manifestation. A series of protests across the country commenced as a reaction to the death of Amini. There were actions considered illegal, such as singing and dancing to display their outrage towards gender oppression. The posters stated: ‘WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM!’


The authorities had underestimated the emboldening of women, who had previously begun to remove the hijab, even before Mahsa’s death. The movement for women’s rights started. Chaos erupted by mandatory hijab laws. Security force brutality and government repression was and still is turbulent.

Beginning with protests in the streets and through social media condemning what protesters say was the unlawful killing of Amini, the complaints in Iran are now fueled by the brutal government oppression demonstrated over the past few weeks and the long term frustration towards the country’s compulsory hijab.


In conclusion, the protesters demand justice for Amini as well as personal and political freedoms and liability from the national government. The manifestations reached 80 cities in Iran which led to hundreds of arrests of various journalists and violence against the protesters.


Par Inna Zwicker, 1-75

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