LET’S PLAY! Super Mario Bros Wonder Review

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a successor to super Mario World on the super Nintendo entertainment system. It again revolutionises the 2d Mario platformer by introducing the Wonder flower!

Chapter 1: The Wonders of the Wonder Flower

The Wonder Flower adds a whole different type of gameplay for the usual 2d Mario style, anything can change after you touch it, you can turn into goomba, the pipes will become pipe snakes and you will even see piranhas singing and a lot more. Just expect the unexpected. To end this strange part of the level you have to touch a wonder seed, or you skip the wonder flower, you WILL miss the fun part of the level.


Chapter 2: The Story

The Mario brothers, Princess Peach and co were invited to the Flower Kingdom for a celebration by prince Florian but naughty bowser comes and steals a wonder flower to become the castle of the Prince Caterpillar. Only Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toads and Toadette and also Yoshi and Nabbit can save the kingdom from bowsers’ grasp.


Chapter 3: The Gameplay and Animation

The gameplay is like the original 2d Mario we all know and love but with three band new power ups: the elephant, the drill and the bubble. The elephant has a trunk for defence and to store water for dying plants, you can hydrate them so it can give you coins and put blocs for easy platforming. The drill is used to burrow on the sealing and floor, the bubble can eliminate the enemies. The art style and animation are wonderful, it’s totally different from the boring new super Mario bros franchise. It oozes charm and detail. There are the complex characters and the easy ones. The easy ones are Yoshi and Nabbit. With Nabbit, you can overpass enemies and with Yoshi, you can jump. You can play up to 4 local players, if you die you will turn into a ghost so you would need to touch a player or standees before the time turns to 0 to come back. If you wait until you hit 0 well you lose a life.

Chapter 4: The badges and shop

This game offers a lot of badges that give a lot of replay ability. There are 3 types of badges: Action, Boost and Challenge. The Action badge adds more versatility to the game like it can give you a parachute cap, make you twirl and more. The Boost badge helps the player by offering a coin magnet or a safe jump if you fall on lava. The Challenge badge makes the game harder. The player can buy wonder seeds, boost their badge and standees in a shop.

Chapter 5: Nitpicks

I would prefer the character to have a different style of gameplay.

There is a talking flower in every level and it could be annoying because it always says the same thing. I wish there was an option to make it stop. It’s too grindy. If you try to get all the standees, well good luck getting all the purple coins needed to win this game.


Massyles Lazri, groupe 1-76.


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